What We're About


Because we exist to exalt Christ, we strive to see lives transformed to the glory of God through the proclamation of the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit to all peoples.

Vision is a picture of the future that God has laid on our hearts of what we are becoming, an image of the future we seek to create.  It is the “what” we are striving toward, our desired destination.  A vision statement flows out of our overall vision and serves as a means to communicate “what” God has called us to become as a church.


Our mission at Redeemer Church is to build redemptive communities of Gospel-centered people.

Mission answers the question, "How do we get to our destination?"  It describes what we are doing now as we strive to fulfill our vision.  It is basically what we are doing everyday.


Goals of Mission

Goals of Mission are areas of focus within our mission.  It is the “where,” areas of importance that we need to give particular attention to if we are to fulfill our mission.

  • We are committed to seeing redemption lived out in the home, that is the family.  
  • We are committed to seeing redemption lived out in the community of believers, that is the church.  
  • We are committed to seeing redemption lived out in the city through our service to and engagement of the city.  
  • We are committed to seeing redemption lived out in our culture through discipleship, transformation, multiplication, and church planting. 
  • We are committed to seeing redemption lived out among the nations as we go on mission for God.


Core Values

Our Core Values drive what we do.  They are the "why" that motivates the vision and mission of the church.

  • Worship – By God's grace, we are committed to ascribing worth to God in all of life, by growing in depth of knowledge and understanding of Him.
  • Community – Together we strive to build loving relationships that express authentic care and concern.
  • Proclamation – We believe the only hope for mankind is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   The power of the Gospel for salvation means not only the forgiveness of sin, but also the transformation of every aspect of the human life.  The good news of Jesus applies to all of life.  Therefore, we strive to make Gospel proclamation central to every aspect of our ministry, whether it be evangelism, missions, and outreach, or community service, care for the needy, and pastoral counseling.
  • Truth – God is the source of all truth; His word is truth.  Because He has made Himself known, we too can know truth.
  • Family – The family is deeply under attack these days.  In fact, it is probably the frontline of our battle against the powers of darkness.  Therefore, we want to focus our ministry around the home.  What does it mean to be a godly husband, man, spiritual leader?  What is a godly marriage?  What is biblical parenting?  What does singleness or courtship to the glory of God look like?  These are questions that we are going to seek to answer because we believe they are vitally important to God and the future of the church.
  • Love – Love is not primarily a feeling or favorable disposition toward something.  It is a commitment to act for the glory of God and the good of others.  It is not dependent upon response, reception, or reciprocation. Because God has first loved us, He has enabled us to love others.  We love by imitating the mercy, compassion, and truthfulness of Christ. Therefore at Redeemer, we labor to love by committing ourselves to seek the glory of God and the good of others.  
  • Transformation – We believe in the transforming power of the Gospel.  It is the power of conversion, the power of reconciliation, the power to change.  The Gospel brings us from death to life, from darkness to light, from enemy to heir.  It can transform hearts and minds, restore the broken, renew culture, reconcile the entangled, and is the only true and lasting means of change.